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CryoSPARC paper published in Nature Methods; software released

ab-initio reconstruction
Animation: Ab-initio reconstruction of the Thermus thermophilus V/A-ATPase in cryoSPARC.

We are excited to announce the release of cryoSPARC (Cryo-EM Single-Particle Ab-Initio Reconstruction and Classification) for general academic use, along with a publication in Nature Methods describing the new algorithms underlying the software.

CryoSPARC enables both ab-initio 3D heterogeneous reconstruction and rapid high-resolution refinement of cryo-EM density maps, in minutes on a single GPU workstation. For examples of results and performance, please see the paper, as well as our case study on the 80S ribosome and the T20S proteasome.

cryoSPARC is under active development. In the near future we expect to include support for 2D classification and heterogeneous refinement for 3D classification. Longer term we are working to support the full processing pipeline starting with movies and ending with 3D structures. We are also constantly working to improve both the speed and usability of cryoSPARC.

CryoSPARC is available free of charge for individual academic use. For more information and to obtain access to cryoSPARC for academic use, please visit cryosparc.com. For commercial use, please email us at sales@structura.bio.

Once you have successfully installed cryoSPARC, we recommend running the TRPV1 example dataset to verify performance.

We are grateful for feedback from our beta testers and early adopters from industrial research laboratories who have helped support the early development of cryoSPARC. We are also grateful for funding and support from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the University of Toronto Innovations and Partnerships Office (IPO), University of Toronto Early Stage Technologies (UTEST), the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), and a partnership with York University through FedDev Ontario’s Investing in Commercialization Partnerships program.

For issues and inquiries relating to cryoSPARC, we encourage you to contact us through the cryoSPARC discussion forum and issue tracker.

Questions or feedback? Contact us directly by emailing feedback@structura.bio - we would love to hear from you!